As part of our church, we provide various services, which we hope you will enjoy. Some of our frequent programmes are:

Sunday school:

Held every Sunday from 09.45 to 10.45, this group’s aim is to strengthen the children in the lord and teach them the Lord’s example. Classes are divided according to the age of the child.

Young People’s Movement:

Held on a monthly basis, this is held after church. Everyone can join and be blessed through the various programmes offered. This provides an opportunity for everyone to take part in events as part of a group and individually.

Ladies Meeting:

Led by the ladies meeting secretary, this group meet once in a month in different places, according to convenience. All topics are prayed for.

Cottage Meeting:

These are held every week in different areas e.g. Ely, Cambridge, Huntingdon; so it will be convenient for you to visit them if these are held in your area. Often, guest speakers are also present who will share the word of God with us. The venues are announced in church on Sundays or can be obtained by contacting the Pastor from the Contact page.

Fasting Prayer:

Held at the end of every month, we can pray for all your problems and ask for a solution from God. These are held on the last weekend of every month. The Church unites as a group and prays for every request. Everyone is welcome to share their problems and be part of the prayer.

Outstation Work

Due to God’s continued guidance, we also conduct Outreach programs in the surrounding regions. We have allocated different members to 6 regions. These members have volunteered to partake in the path of Jesus by preaching the Kingdom of Heaven. These members are responsible for visiting homes, spreading the word of God, encouraging them to join the Church of God etc.

Chain prayer:

This is used to pray for our church. Every day, different believers pray continuously throughout the day for the blessing of the church.

Chain Fasting Prayers are also held in our church.

Musical Training programme

This is a new venture from CBPC called Harp & Lyre. Learn to play a new instrument or practice your existing skills. Currently held in Cambridge, Peterborough and Bury St. Edmunds.

Bible Study

Every Wednesday evening from 7pm  there will be a Bible Study .