Harp & Lyre

Besides being a church organising Spiritual meetings and worship services, Cambridge Bethel Pentecostal Church interacts with different sections of the community through so many of our people’s participatory programmes like Youth Clubs, Children’s Skill Training programmes, Women’s Empowerment Programme, Self-Help Groups’ etc.  Being a charitable organisation for people of all ages, colours, cultures, languages and nationalities, we have been able to reach and interact with different sections of people in the society.


Cambridge being the centre of higher education not only in the UK, but also of the entire world scholars and students from the world all over flow into the city every year. This makes Cambridgeshire unique. A cross section of the world is the population of Cambridge. Though this multiculturalism is an added advantage of the city, lack of interactions between different sections of the societies and other ethnic minorities, might very well create communal unrests and social disharmony.

The message it carried out went very well, and people in the neighbouring places started contacting us for organising or duplicating the project in their areas also. As a result of it we started the same project in Peterborough on 8th April 2010. Mr Sam Baby is coordinating the programme in Peterborough. The premises where the programme is held at present is St. Jude Community Church, Westwood, Cranford Drive, Peterborough.



Students from Harp and Lyre, Bury St Edmunds

Though a humble beginning, Harp and Lyre grew up to many heights in a very short span of time. Its growth in Cambridge has become a role model for other branches.

With the inspiration from Cambridge and Peterborough, people from Bury St. Edmunds also contacted us a branch of the programme was started there in the West Gate Community Centre. Classes are being held here on every Tuesday. Mr Josekutty Varghese is coordinating the program here.










Scenes from Lessons in Cambridge